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About Relaxed at Home
In 2009, we (David Chidgey and Jack Smellie) left our Oxfordshire village and headed to the South West to set up a small (1-acre) smallholding on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. After seven years we emerged from the moorland mist and retreated 500 foot downhill to Chulmleigh in Devon where our adventures started again, this time on a glorious TEN acres!! We moved with two sheep, four goats, two alpacas and 45 poultry and within the first year added more sheep, more goats, more alpacas.... more everything in fact, PLUS we added Dexter cows to the mix (a thirty-five year-old dream come true for Jack).
We 'smallholder' because we love sharing our lives with our animals (and plants). We enjoy the satisfaction of looking after our land well and just as importantly, we really only want to eat what we can grow and rear.
We are also passionate about sharing what we do and as such run Smallholding courses and Family Learning sessions - see the links above to find out more!

You can get in touch any time using the contact details below or via our Facebook page or Twitter account
You can also read all about our (mis)adventures on our Cornish Smallholding at Relaxed Farming

Relaxed at Home: Cadbury Cottage, Chulmleigh, Devon. EX18 7AR
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