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Relaxed Rugs and Fibre Shop + Commissions (switch to our Portfolio)
There are two ways Relaxed can supply you with your very own sumptuous alpaca rug....
ONE: Browse our shop to purchase a rug made here on the Relaxed smallholding using fleeces from our own animals (full details here)

TWO: Send us your own alpaca fleeces and we will process your fibre and weave a beautiful rug for you. (full details here)
I am lucky enough to have one of these rugs and we have been so pleased with it. It looks stunning against a wooden floor and is as soft as sheepskin and lovely and warm under your feet; perfect for these cold mornings. It is so good to have a product that is completely natural (as was the packaging so far as possible) with such a lovely texture. It was to be a Christmas gift but I couldn’t wait to use it. Highly recommended.
Bethan - Anglesey
I am so excited to be receiving one of your beautiful rugs, and delighted to support a local small business with animal welfare at its heart.
Louise - Woking

My rug is gorgeous and can’t wait to do my yoga on it and I loved the instructions!
Michelle - Cornwall
Rug Commissions
Send us your fleeces and leave us to turn them into beautiful rugs - a gorgeous way to celebrate your animals

Relaxed at HomeOur standard and most popular rug size is approximately 30" by 50", we can also do shorter/ longer and slightly wider if required. As a general guide, we can usually make one rug from 3-4kg of fleece, depending on how much we need to skirt (remove dirt and vegetable matter), the overall fleece density and the staple (fibre) length. In addition, there is a difference between first and second cuts - firsts are the blanket fleeces from the back and sides of the animal, and usually longer and softer. We make rugs from both and also using fleeces where they have been mixed together. And finally it makes a difference if they are Suri or Huacaya.

Before being sent to us, fleeces need to be dry and, as much as possible, picked clean of vegetable matter. Also as a general rule, we prefer to work with fleeces that are no more than 18months/ two years old as unfortunately, depending on how they have been stored, they can attract moths if older, which makes them unusable. Fleeces are best sent in strong plastic or hessian bags or cardboard boxes. They can be packed as tight as you want! Once we receive the fleeces, we assess and weigh and then confirm with you, the number of rugs that can be made.

We charge £225 for a standard rug: this price includes washing, picking, spinning and weaving; the cost of the warp thread and the postage to send back the completed rugs.
Check out our Portfolio above to see some of our work.

If you would like us to make you a rug, please contact us via email or phone 07929204521.
We look forward to receiving your fleeces and turning them into rugs you can be proud of!

Rugs and Fibre Shop
Alpaca rugs: 100% handmade here on the Relaxed Smallholding, using fleeces from our own animals

Our mixed flock of sheep and alpacas provide us with plenty of opportunities to process our own wool and fibre and, amongst other things, produce the most incredible rugs. After shearing, which usually takes place late May/June, the fleeces are picked clean of vegetable matter and then washed and dried in the North Devon sunshine. Once dry, they are spun by hand on one of our two spinning wheels, producing beautifully soft skeins.

The penultimate stage is then planning the rug: deciding which fleeces to use, what pattern to weave and then warping up one of our floor looms. The warp of the rugs (the threads that go from end to end) are linen, a natural fibre from the flax plant, widely grown in Northern Europe. The weaving process itself is pure delight as the rugs begin to grow, paying tribute to the individual animals who provided us with their gorgeous fibre! You can see pictures of our sheep and alpacas by clicking on the tabs above.

To purchase any of our rugs please contact us via email or phone 07929204521. Payment can either be by PayPal or BACS, details will be given once your order is made. Rugs will be reserved for 24 hours until payment is received and then posted using ParcelForce 48. P&P is FREE for UK mainland addresses.
These rugs and more can be found also be found in our Etsy shop.

ONE - Alpaca fleece used: Adrastea (Suri)

Dimensions: 30" by 48"     Weight: 3kg     Price: SOLD

Relaxed at Home
TWO - Alpaca fleeces used: Venus and Mercury

Dimensions: 30" by 55"     Weight: 3.1kg     Price: SOLD

Relaxed at Home
THREE - Alpaca fleeces used: Mercury and Venus

Dimensions: 31" by 49"     Weight: 4.2kg     Price: SOLD

Relaxed at Home
FOUR - Alpaca fleeces used: Neptune and Mercury

Dimensions: 28" by 55"     Weight: 4.3kg     Price: £275

Relaxed at Home
FIVE: Alpaca fleeces used: Io, Hegmone and Mars

Dimensions: 32" by 62"     Weight: 4kg     Price: £300

Relaxed at Home
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