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The Relaxed Poultry Flock Diary entries

We keep a wonderfully colourful variety of chickens (both plumage and eggs) and try to have at least two Indian Game cockerels so we can breed pure chicks from our four or five hens. We sell fertile eggs, chicks and chickens. Most of our birds are named with Queenie Bantam (right hand side), being one of our favourites!
Relaxed at Home
Muscovy Ducks
We have six ducks: Grape, our drake and Apple (pictured) plus Pear, Banana, Berry and Orange. Muscovies make excellent mums and each year they lay several batches of around 12-18 eggs and then go broody. Within six to eight weeks of hatching the ducklings can be sexed. We usually sell the females & take the males onto meat weight.
Relaxed at Home
West of England Geese
We keep a trio of geese (yet to be named) that do a great job of keeping the grass trimmed in the poultry paddock and beyond. We aim to hatch as many goslings as we can to sell on and sell spare eggs as hatching eggs. We don't tend to rear on any for ourselves (we have quite enough meat in our freezer).
Relaxed at Home
We have a quintet of turkeys comprising Katherine (pictured) and Elizabeth who are Bourbon Reds, Victoria who is a Bronze and Napoleona a Pied. Our 'current' stag Napoleon is also a Bourbon Red. Our girls each go broody at least once every year, giving us fabulous poults for rearing/selling on.
Relaxed at Home
Relaxed at Home
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