Relaxed at home
Relaxed at home
Relaxed at home
Relaxed at home
Relaxed at home
Relaxed at home
Welcome to Relaxed: our smallholding at Cadbury Cottage
Keep up with all that is happening via our Diary and find out more about the livestock we keep via the individual animal sections.
What else do we offer
Livestock Sales, Smallholding Courses and Family Learning Visits. Use the links above to find out more and/or email
Latest diary entries by animal
19th Nov:
In praise of alpacas
3rd Jan:
Back out!!!
7th Jan:
Fingers crossed
15th Nov:
Price of pork!!
29th Dec:
Rhea display!
5th Jan:
21st Dec:
Blue bums
Relaxed At HomeRelaxed At HomeRelaxed At Home
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