Tuesday 14th January 2020

Alpacas in, sheep stay out
We're sooo wet again, two days of strong wind and rain has taken its toll on the land. The sheep are coping well, Muckle was limping again today but we think it was becase of a clod of mud stuck between her toes, rather than scald. Jupiter on the other hand, having rallied after his ABs and anti-inflamatory meds, has gone downhill again with his front pads once more swelling up. We have brought all the alapcas in now and will probably keep them in for a week so that Jupiter's feet don't have to deal with the wet and further infection. We gave him more meds and fingers crossed, his recovery is more permanant this time. Next week we are promised sun and dry..... too much to hope for but we are keeping our fingers crossed!!!
The photo is of neither Muckle or Jupiter... but is Bressay having an evening graze as the light fades, rather atmospheric don't you think?
Relaxed at Home