Monday 26th August 2019

Treble trouble
Look at these three: total trouble!! They have become a bit of a threesome recently and it's hilarious watching them come over to say hello. It's definitely a case of 'you go first', ‘'no, you go first', 'no you need to, you're the oldest'... and so on...
The size differences are crasy, we have Spearmint at 15 months, Peppermint at 10 and a half weeks and Sage at almost 12. Sage looks so much nearer Spearmint in size even though they are a year apart.
Relaxed at Home
As things stand it looks as though we will be taking all five through the winter - here’s hoping it's a dry one so we can keep them out for as long as possible. AI-ing will hopefully start next month. We are getting later each year as the often we don't spot seasons until over three months after the births which, with a nine month gestation period, makes calving once every 12 months hard. Bit at least calving later means the calves aren't that large by winter so slightly less poo to take out each day!!!