Friday 9th August 2019

Napoloeona Two!!
Meet Napoleona ‘Two’: our replacement after losing the original Napoleona to the fox. It is awful how much we miss her. Napoleona ‘Two’ comes from Tracie and Tony Martin who seem to be sorting all our turkey needs at the moment: we have had eggs, poults and adult birds from them this year!!
Relaxed at Home
Napoleona ‘Two’ is currently in isolation at the moment - just for a day or so until we are sure she is fit and healthy (standard good practice for all new stoick no matter where they come from). Our plan is to put her with the others at night when all is calm – hopefully the following morning they will all then go out together and she will feel confident enough to explore her new surroundings!!
As a pied turkey, she ideally needs a bit more black on her but as we are not breeding pure, this is not a issue for us. We wnated the 'white' back in our breeding programme as it appears to be a dominant colour, so giving us some interesting cross breeds!! Looking forward to next year's breeding already!!