Monday 5th August 2019

Hedgerow Broodiness
Smallholding has this utterly ridiculous habit of knocking you back one minute and then presenting you with pure joy the next. So yesterday we announced the death of Napoleona and today we give you Hedgerow Broody's daughter (Queenie's great granddaughter) and her seven 'hedgerow' chicks.
Relaxed at Home
Three weeks of nesting in the hedgerow (nest never found despite being looked for, MANY times) and this is the result... it took Jack over half an hour to catch them all (mum was the worst), resulting in nettles stings, bramble scratches and even more of a hedge backwards look than normal.
Mum and all seven charges are now safely ensconced in the broody stall and we don't imagine for one second she is grateful!!
It is no coincidence that this hen was herself born in a hedge last December. Her mum, Hedgerow Broody, who sadly vanished last month, has obviously passed on her nesting behaviour to her daughter, but not it seems, her temperament. She was docile and calm. He daughter was a total demon today - although maybe three weeks of sleeping 'rough' outside has 'untamed' her.. As long as she is a good mum though, re really don't mind!!