Sunday 21st July 2019

Harvey Speckled
Mega excited, we have bought eight Harvey Speckled turkey eggs from friends near Exeter and plan, very tentatively, to put them under one of our broody Indain Games.
Harvey Speckled turkeys were 'developed' in the late 20th Century by a Mr D Harvey from Cornwall but it was only in March 2016 that the bird was officially given a breed standard by the Poultry Club. We are not sure what our breeding plans are: we may just keep a female (if we get a successful hatch) but if we could get a male, it might be rather exciting to have a go at breeding our own. There are two issues with this, one is having to then run two groups of turkeys because we do really want to breed pure Bourbon Reds too. The second issue is finding am unrelated stag because they are not a common breed.
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
We need to see what we manage to hatch first and then go from there...