Friday 19th July 2019

Hoof trimming!!
Today Parsley and Thyme had the dubious pleasure of being turned over on their sides and having their hooves trimmed. It is almost two years since they last had it done as last autumn's date had to be cancelled as the land was too wet. Both cows were over due a trim for sure but both cut back well, with just a small split on one of Thyme's back hooves.
Relaxed at Home
There is nothing more undignified than a cow on its side, strapped to a crush that then turns the animal though 90 degrees. With legs and udder sticking out and eyes wide with distress, it is a good thing that the whole procedure is only a few minutes in length. The worst is when they poo, which they invariably do and then of course they get poo all down their flanks. Still, it was over in minutes, calves were reunited with mums and then it was off for a jolly good gallop round the top 2-acre before settling back down to graze.