Monday 8th July 2019

Super mum
Bad news: we have mild wormer resistance in that the last drench we gave to the goats has not resulted in then returning with a 0 egg count!! This basically means we will probably have to double drench from now on using two different types of wormers so that what isn't killed by one, will get killed by the other. We have already done this for Sorrel and Coriander (part of their treatment to see if we can sort the sloppy poo) but knowing we have resistance means we have to be even more careful about how many times we worm so as not to make the resistance worse or end up with so many resistant worms on the land that the worm burdens just get higher and higher due to ineffective treatment.
Relaxed at Home
Not sure where this leaves us with Sorrel and Coriander who two weeks after being clear, both now have a border line count again. It seems that their worm burdens may be playing quite a role in their sloopy poos after all!!
We love the goats to bits - but goat husbandary can be fraught with challenges