Saturday 6th July 2019

Super mum
As mentioned before, our own turkey hatching has been terrible this year BUT we are now the proud owners of 'three'of our own poults. One was born last month on 24th and we were able to integrate him/her with the ones we bought in. And now we have two more. These came form a batch of six, four of which were fertile, three of which hatched and two of which have so far survived. Queenie is ‘mum’ so we have high hopes she wil bring these two up well.
Relaxed at Home
We also have high hopes that Queenie might become 'mum' to the bought-in ones too (now two weeks old). Queenie is in the broody area with them all so in a couple of weeks when hers are bigger and stronger we can open up and let them all start to venture outside...