Friday 21st June 2019

Compliant calves - NOT!!
It was all change again today as we moved the goats to the near 2 acre field and the cows to the top 3 acre field. In theory now all the stock is grazing on ground that has been 'cleaned' up by another species that doesn’t share its worms. Hopefully this may help to keep our worm burdens low, although with the goats, who knows?
Relaxed at Home
It was a nightmare getting the calves to comply: normally it is a piece of cake moving the cows as they hear Jack’s voice and rush over the check the contents of any buckets she might be carrying. The calves of course have no interest in buckets and nor do they have any interest in following mums. It is their anxious mums in fact who want to follow them... and so it was that we had Parsley, Thyme and Spearmint all heading in the right direction before a bellow from Master Sage sent them all scurrying back from whence they came in order to follow him.
We got their eventually… it took us a while!!
Roxy didn't help - all she wanted to do was make friends!!!