Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Pebbles has her kids
An amazing surprise this morning: another set of goat triplets and all girls, this time from Pebbles but tragically, one was dead – simply lying there in the straw, perfectly formed but cold and lifeless. We have no idea why and never will!! BUT the remaining two looked very strong and when we arrived in the barn they were dry and fluffed up and both drinking!!
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
Dear Pebbles, we hope she didn’t suffer giving birth to the dead kid – her back end looked incredibly normal considering she had just given birth - no swelling or excess blood, so we don’t think the birth itself was a struggle! We hope she was able to concentrate on the two live kids and wasn’t too aware of the dead one.
For us, as well as sadness, there is always guilt in such circumstances – had we been there, night we have saved the kid??? This we will never know!!!
So now we have seven Boer cross kids all looking very similar and equally cute. Aniseed is going to have such fun as they all get older and he finds he has all these new playmates…