Tuesday 21st May 2019

Close encounters
The relationship between goats is amazing, Tarragon, Sorrel and Coriander have always been a very close family and it is very rare that they spend time apart. They are also massively tactile and when sleeping or resting, they pretty much always lie together in a close 'heap' with heads resting on each other's backs and necks.
Relaxed at Home
Since Sorrel and Coriander have kidded however, that relationship has changed and Tarragon has now buddied up with Garlic, whose own mum Onion, is still pregnant and very heavily so. Garlic and Onion have never had the relationship that the Anglo Nubians have and so it is very sweet to see how close Garlic and Tarragon have become.
Aniseed is still a little on the outside still but as he and Taragon eat together, there is the start of an 'understanding' there!!! As the kids grow up and then eventually leave us, we wonder whether Tarragon will go back to his family- we will keep you posted.