Saturday 18th May 2019

Good weather
Having a great run of good weather at the moment although I expect we will start to lament the lack of rain soon!!! But everything looks so lovely in the sunshine and keeping on top of mucking out etc all feels so much easier.
We are of course loving all the new life: kids, lambs, ducklings, goslings, chicks – we are very excited about our first turkey poults hatching (due a week Monday) and of course our first calf, due 29th.
Relaxed at Home
Talking of turkeys, Edward (our new stag) is a pain in the b*** and is probably going to have to go.. we have actually only seen him mating with Mary (who he came with) anyway and the last candling we did showed all her eggs to be fertile and just one out of the ten eggs from Victoria/ Katherine!! Their laying jhas been very sporadic since our fox visit too – they were obviously quite badly spooked!!
We do rather miss Napoleon!!!