Saturday 4th May 2019

Muscovy mums!!
We had a sneaky peek under Apple’s wings this evening after hearing the dulcet sounds of cheeping dockings!! Looks like we are going to have a fair few lavenders in this brood – we are hoping for some chocolates too.
Relaxed at Home
Apple has been the best mum: nesting in a sensible place (in this case under the milking bench at the back of our barn - and wow, what a nest), sitting tight for her allotted incubation period (35 days for Muscovies), sensibly getting off the nest to poo, wee, eat and drink at least once a day (making sure she deposited her very smelly broody poos away from the general walking areas..) and then allowing us to have this fabulous view of the first of her brood!
Relaxed at Home
We adore our Muscovies!!!