Monday 25th March 2019

Cows out for the summer!!!
Yesterday, as well as planting willow, we also let the cows back out of the barn and back onto grass. For the moment they have joined the sheep and alpacas in the bottom 2-acre. In two to three weeks we hope they can go into the top 2-acre where the grass will be longer. At the moment the rhea are in there and the grass is most definitely NOT being eaten as fast as it is growing.
Relaxed at Home
The cows delighted us as usual with hops, skips and jumps and this morning, walking out to check them in the sunshine was just wonderful. Every time we let the cows out after a period of being inside and see them run and jump and leap, we cannot but think of the cows who never get to see grass in this way. It surely makes no sense not ro allow an animal whose entire existence depends on grazing, never to naturally graze!!
Jack's jumping for joy of course is all about no longer having to muck out the barn twice a day!!!