Monday 1st January 2018

Extreme free ranging
Today gave us a few more seconds of sunshine, enough for to get this shot of The Good Lifers as they paddled across the bottom end of the poultry paddock to higher, drier land! There is still a lot of grass in there mind you which they tuck into each day and whilst they love their afternoon corn, we never see them eating any of the layers pellets.
Relaxed at Home
The chickens are all very much fair weather birds and do spend a lot of time indoors although not necessarily their stables. We have several groups that head off to the field shelters and barn each morning to enjoy a good rake through the goat, sheep and alpaca straw! It’s slightly irritating as if they get there before we do, they do a great job of messing up all the poo BEFORE we have the chance to muck out!! We are not impressed! And then we have the issue of egg collecting as all this wandering means that eggs get laid in all sorts of places too: hay racks, straw in the floor, on top of bales, inside cat baskets, oh, and then sometimes we actually get them in the nest boxes in the stables!!!
Our birds take free ranging to extremes… we love it really!!!