Wednesday 29th November 2017

Enjoying a 'chuckle'
We sometimes feel a bit bad about the sheep and alpacas in that, at the moment, they definitely don’t get as much of our time as the cows, goats and poultry. They don’t need daily mucking out (though we do keep on top of their field shelters) and we only need to fill up their hay racks every three to four days. Since we have stopped bottle feeding Pluto, our time with them has gone back to twice-a-day checks and it is often the case that the last one is just before dusk, such are the short number of actual daylight hours!!
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
We are currently not feeding them with hard feed either as they are still grazing a lot and eating hay but it may be that when the weather gets colder, especially if we have some hard frost or snow, that this will change.
We do however, find time to have a bit of a chuckle where we can, as shown here with Bressay and Muckle. They can be incredibly soppy. And in other great news, we now have SIX blue bums as this evening Mr Brown Junior obviously had his wicked way with Ness!!! Unlike last year we now have a lambing period of hopefully no more than a couple of weeks, starting around the 13th April next year!! We are getting excited already!!