Sunday 26th November 2017

Undemanding alpacas
The alpacas are a very self-contained group of animals – they really do just get on with life and require very little from us. Jupiter, looking very proud here, along with Neptune, tend to always come over and say hello when we go in the field but they don’t nag us for feed or for attention. They are also very light on the ground, which means although the field is wet in places, they don’t tend to poach it as much as the sheep or goats can.
Relaxed at Home
Pluto has now not had milk for a week – we must confess to not having sorted a hard feed regime with him yet but hope to do so in the next few weeks, especially if we get this ‘cold spell’ that the forecasters are promising! Today has been horribly wet but as usual the alpacas have stayed out in it all. (The picture by the way was not taken today, far too wet to even get the camera out…)