Thursday 23rd November 2017

Four down, two to go!
Mr Brown is having a good week and we now have four out of our six ewes with blue bums from his raddle. We actually caught him today with Mrs Brown and realized we didn’t need to worry about his ability to ‘reach’ (he is a lot smaller than Mrs Brown and White) – he was just fine. The raddle harness is quite large on him mind you and we have had to tighten it a couple of times. He definitely has some growing to do!!
Relaxed at Home
We are now set to start lambing in mid-April which is perfect. Our hope is that the sheep can return to the top 3-acre and lamb in there. It has the double field shelter which the later lambing ewes used quite successfully last year, making themselves comfortable in a corner on the straw! This also meant we could hurdle them in if necessary to check the lambs over and make sure they were suckling.
We’ve a way to go but the excitement is starting!