Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Almost weaned!
This photo was not actually taken today as the weather has been hideous but this is a typical shot of Pluto at the moment, somewhat bedraggled and covered in bits of twig, hay and leaves!! The alpacas hardly ever use either of the field shelters to get out of the rain, they just stay out and ‘cush’ down. But even if their coats seem saturated, feeling through them to their skin reveals incredibly warm bodies.
Relaxed at Home
Pluto is virtually weaned now – we offer him just one drink a day and despite mixing 150ml or more he rarely takes more than 100ml. He rushes over when he sees us but then isn’t that bothered about drinking. We are trying to get a bit of hard feed inside him to compensate for the lack of milk but we are not having a lot of luck. If we can, we try to put some in his mouth so he realizes what the feed is but so far he just spits it out or he runs away before we can give him some. If it gets really cold we could give all the alpacas and sheep a bit of hard feed and then Pluto may cotton on...