Sunday 19th November 2017

Mr Brown (Junior)
And here is our new ram lamb, called Lenny by his previous owners but not a name we will be sticking with... we are looking through the names of the other Shetland islands and seeing if anything grabs us! For the moment he is Mr Brown (Junior, as he is still a youngster!!!).
Relaxed at Home
Mr Brown has spent the last three weeks on a friend’s holding and he has now come to us, hopefully to stay for a while. We have very fond memories of the first Mr Brown, a gorgeous Badger Face ram we owned back in Cornwall. We sold him in his second year because we only had 2 ewes and felt he needed to ‘work’ a bit harder to keep himself in shape. What happens to this fella will depend on both his temperament and also whether we decide to keep any of his daughters next year!! For the moment though he has our six girls to serve and then hopefully he can have a relaxing winter before lambing starts in the spring!!!