Saturday 4th November 2017

Stress-free weaning (we hope!)
In the not terribly good photo of Sorrel’s udder, you may just be able to see that her teats are actually wrapped up. This is our solution to our weaning problem, all thanks to the wonders of Facebook. We has posted a message asking about udder covers and one of the replies that came in described using sticky tape to wrap around each teat which, the post said, the kid won’t be able to pull off. The recommended tape is VERY sticky but when it comes to removing it. actually peels off without pulling the skin and so should not hurt.
Relaxed at Home
As soon as we had covered both teats this evening, Coriander tried to have a go at getting some milk. To her disgust (no doubt) not only was mum not standing still for her but she also discovered that the teats were unavailable anyway. She didn’t try that hard probably because she is used to not being able to get much nowadays and so our hope is that she will give up trying quite soon.
We are very pleased with this solution because it means we don’t have to separate Sorrell from the kids: a stressful event for both parties. Of course, some separation will still be needed when the billy arrives but we will work out how that is going to work nearer the time. In part, our solutions there will depend on the temperament of the billy himself.
Before then though, fingers crossed for a successful weaning!!!