Thursday 2nd November 2017

A definite lack of eggs!!
Early morning in the poultry area and another sunny day looks on the cards!! We have still not advertised our spare poultry and with Stephen coming to dispatch in less than a week, time is running out! We have a horrible feeling we will be taking more birds through the winter than we had hoped although as the number of eggs we are getting is dire, maybe this is not such a bad thing. Currently we have 15 potential laying chickens, two are broody and yet from the remaining 13, just THREE are laying!!! As daylight hours lessen, so does the number of eggs but even so, three is not great. We think the broodies (an Indian Game and Queenie) aren’t helping as they hog 2 of the nest boxes!!…
Relaxed at Home
'Maybe' some of this year’s birds will start to lay soon…we can but hope and at least it then gives us an excuse to hang to them for a while longer!!