Thursday 12th October 2017

Sheep ticking along nicely
The sheep (not mentioned for a while) are all doing well at the moment. We get the odd limp that seems to disappear as soon as see it and at the moment, all the ewes seem to be in good condition, ready to receive our ram in a month's (ish) time!
Relaxed at Home
We still have six lambs: our Suffolk mule female, both Mrs White’s (one of each), Mrs Brown’s remaining ewe lamb (pictured with mum), Skerry’s ram lamb and Ness’ ewe lamb. Ideally we would like to sell another three or four as we really don’t want that much lamb in our freezer. We could take Skerry and Ness’ lambs though the winter and put them to meat in the spring when they are a bit bigger but, it will cost us to feed them through the winter and then even if we manage to sell the extra meat, it is not certain we would cover all our costs! We will get another advert sorted and see what happens…