Sunday 27th August 2017

Land of Plenty
It's the land of plenty at the moment: potatoes and onions are all now harvested and we have enough to last us several more weeks. The potatoes so far have been delicious and make the most amazing chips!! We eat chips quite a lot BUT we cook them in an 'air' fryer that uses less than a tablespoon of oil so the word 'chips' sort of gives the wrong impression (well, that's our story and we are sticking to it). The onions are also lovely, small and quite sweet.
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
We continue to eat cucumbers and tomatoes daily as well as salad leaves and it won't be long before the peppers are a daily event too. Courgettes make an appearance pretty much every meal but they mainly come from our greenhouse plant. The outside plants have been really slow to grow: we think the patch we used was just too wet, possibly from an excess of water gathering there from the workshop roof. We need to think very carefully about our outdoor growing plans for next year!!!