Monday 24th July 2017

Garlic and peppers
The greenhouse continues to be the house of plenty. It’s actually quite hard to move around in there now as the tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines all try to take over. We have also brought the garlic in to dry having pulled it all up on Saturday. We hadn’t anticipated pulling the bulbs up quite this early – we were hoping for another month at least – but after the heavy rains we had last week, which followed a really warm spell, they all went to seed, thus Ssignaling the end of their growing. Plants go to seed like this when under stress in order to reproduce before they die and having done so, no more energy is put towards growing and in the case of garlic, making the bulbs any bigger. Nonetheless, we have lots of them and look forward to making hummus, as well as using the cloves in various stir fries and stews.
Relaxed at HomeRelaxed at Home
The peppers should all keep going well into September. They were planted way back at the start of February (only a few days after the garlic) and with any luck, they should get twice as big as they are now. Each plant we have is very laden and David is rubbing his hands in glee as Jack doesn’t like peppers and so he gets to eat them all!!!
Also doing really well are the aubergines although our melons aren’t faring quite so well as some have succumbed to the dreaded slugs….. time for the slug pellets (organic ones)!!