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The Relaxed Dexter Herd Diary entries

Pedigree - Whitestone Primrose 2nd
Relaxed at Home
Cow - born 9 April 2014
Pedigree - Whitestone Diamond
Relaxed at Home
Cow - born 29 April 2014
Pedigree - Whitestone Daphne 2nd
Relaxed at Home
Heifer - born 21 May 2015
Parsley is a fairly gentle giant but as the dominant cow in our mini herd, she is quite happy to push the others out of the way so she gets the best place at the hay rack. She LOVES a few pellets, will eat from your hand and enjoys a scratch behind the ears! Sage is not quite as soft as Parsley but since her first calving with us has become much friendlier. She enjoys a good back rub though and will hand feed. She likes to boss Thyme around and prefers to have a hay rack all to herself plus she does challenge Parsley from time to time!! Thyme is the friendliest of the three girls after being the most under-confident when she first arrived. She enjoys leaning against us at the hay rack and loves both a neck scratch and a back rub. She is number three in the pecking order so looks to us for support!!
The Relaxed Dexter herd - 2017
We took delivery of our very first cattle on 1st September 2016, a dream of some 30 years fulfilled at last for Jack. It was always going to be Dexters. They are a classic 'smallholder's' cow: needing less space than other cattle, able to stay out all winter (if the ground permits) and also being dual purpose - providing both meat and milk. We don’t currently have plans to grow the herd: our aims are to raise one or two calves a year for meat (for meat boxes and our own consumption) and to enjoy their presence on our holding. We’d love to think that one day we might start to milk them and then use both the milk and cream for our own ice cream as well as for Jack’s tea (obviously)! Spare calves will be sold for breeding and/or for others to rear on for meat!!
Relaxed at Home
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